Melanie Paige

Sunflower Field Foundation

Childhood Cancer Awareness

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Current Initiatives

Child Life

Melanie Paige Sunflower Fieds Foundation is working with Child Life in local hospitals to collect items they need for children and teenagers in the hospital. Current requests include:

  • Gift cards for teenager birthdays;

  • Adult coloring books for teens;

  • Individual craft kits for all ages;

  • Markers

  • Infant and Toddler toys

  • Baby books

Good Neighbor

Current economic conditions have caused a big stress on many families lives. Many parents of children battling cancer have to have one parent quit their job to care for their child, making life even more difficult. Now some families are experiencing even greater hardship. Working directly with hospitals to provide fundraising to help families with mortgages, utilities, car payments, etc.


Protective masks have always been a requirement around the most vulnerable. Now that wearing masks are a requirement in most places, we have undergone a campaign to provide fun, uplifting protective masks that can even be worn over N95 and other masks to make the experience more fun and exciting for children in the hospital, their families and nurses.


Wearing surgical and protective masks take a toll on everyone's ears. Given current conditions and requirements to were masks, especially to protect the most vulnerable children, we have undergone a campaign to make ear saver headbands for children, their families and nurses and other healthcare professionals, to help alleviate the discomfort to their ears.